The Housetraining Made Easy program has every tool you need to get your pup FINALLY housetrained, regardless of their age. It may not be easy but it will eventually happen if you commit yourself to the process. You got this! 

If you are reading this then I am pretty sure that you received the video on how to login, access this course and change your password. Once you've logged in, navigating through the course is easy. When you login you will be at the home page. On the home page will see all of the different modules available. 

When you click on a module you will be able to access any lessons listed there.  Some lessons are videos, others are just downloads. When you are finished hit the “Mark As Complete” button to move forward. This program is progressive (meaning you must do it in order to move forward or “progress” to the end) and will only allow you to access the next module/lesson after you’ve completed the one before.  

If you have any problems or questions send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you in 24 to 48 hours on working business days.

I hope you are as excited as I am to help you get your pup housetrained! Commit yourself and DON'T QUIT! You've got this! Are you ready to get this potty-party started? Then get on going to your bonus materials and lesson one. 

Happy Training! 


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